Supported Technologies

Custom Application Development:

The project data that helps drive and guide organizational decisions and directions must be readily available, accurate, and secure. The technology solutions that manage data become invaluable tools. Our in-house team of designers, developers, and programmers can quickly create custom applications that meet very specific requirements. WebHawkx emphasizes the user experience, which means the applications are easy to use and more likely to succeed. We embrace rigid security standards to ensure the right people are the only ones accessing your systems. Our systems are built using current security best practices, assuring your data stays safe. The following are the key matrices of our value added expertise:



Application Services for J2EE

Java, Servlet, JSP, EJB, JNDI, JMS, RMI                            

Application Services for Microsoft

VB,.Net, C++, C#

Database Services for Oracle

Oracle 9/10/11g

Source Frameworks

Struts, Spring, Hibernate, JSF, Prime Faces,   Ice Faces

Web Technologies


Correspondence Management

Adobe LiveCycle, Adobe Central Pro, Doc1

Configuration Management

Rational Clear Case, SVN

Application Testing

LoadRunner, WinRunner, QTP

Web and Application Servers

Apache Tomcat , Jboss ,WebLogic and IBM WebSphere


Project Controls Services:

Project Control Services serve as the center of any project, spanning Power, Industrial, Institutional, Federal, State, and Commercial jobs. The years of combined experience the professionals at WebHawkx have allows us to anticipate, identify, and address project challenges before they turn into problems. WebHawkx is adept at working with every type of project stakeholder. Our top goal is ensuring that your project is done right, on time, and on budget. We're here to protect your assets and to ensure the smooth delivery of your completed job.



Project Controls Solution

Primavera, Expedition Construction Software


Custom Integration with Primavera, Primavera Reports

Data Dashboard

WebHawkx Data Dashboard Custom Solution

Data Migration

Primavera migration, Database migration, Oracle, SQL Server

Project Tracking

EBS, WBS, Project Setup, Schedule, Filters, Reports

WebHawkx's Product Injection with an existing Application:

When your program requires software more specific than generally-available varieties, WebHawkx can help to make your product up to date by customizing your current application per market demand momentum. To modify across the currently utilized application, WebHawkx offers the following skills: 



Systems Integration

Build Enterprise Application for Local Applications

Product Injection

WebHawkx Products Integration with Existing Application

Code Standardization

Code standardization and Code Review Services

Reporting Services:

Reports present data as objective measures of project status, progress, and overall health. Dashboards present a snapshot of program and project status information. Reports for different projects can be displayed in one dashboard presenting various pieces of relevant information in one place at one time. You can also drill through specific areas of a dashboard to specific reports to access more detailed project information. The WebHawkx reports employ design best practices that are simple, parameterized, easy to understand, and triggered with a minimum of prompts.

 The reports include valuable insight into various aspects of your current and past projects. The WebHawkx reports are customizable. You can modify them to suit your specific project situation. For example, you can take a single project report, such as the current project budget report, and then modify the report to access data from multiple projects, providing a consolidated view across multiple projects for their budgets. Reporting services is a top notch specialty of WebHawkx. In reporting matrices, we utilize the following tools:



Customize Report

Customize Reports for an Organization              

Crystal Reporting

SAP Crystal Reports

Expedition Reports

Expedition Reports

Primavera Reports

Primavera Reports




At WebHawkx, Technology meets Vision.

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Our Approach

  • The WebHawkx way is to collaborate with our clients and partners to help them realize their visions.
  • We provide innovative solutions for the dynamic complexities of today’s businesses.
  • We pursue excellence by providing the best solution for your needs.
  • WebHawkx continually adapts to the evolving technological pathway.
  • Our goal is to help you increase your Return on Investment.
  • At WebHawkx, we evaluate your IT investments and explore options to optimize your IT workload.
  • Our Smart Analytical approach gains insights from your enterprise data so that problems could be handled by qualified professionals.

Training Class - Oracle Primavera Advance Course 


      Training Class - Oracle                     Primavera P6 Version 18 

  • June 15, 2020 to July 03, 2020
  • This virtual, hands-on course provides training for Oracle’s Primavera P6 Release 18 (Client/Server) using advanced HD web conferencing technology. Students will gain an understanding of the key principles of planning and scheduling as well as hands-on experience building a P6 schedule from scratch, updating and monitoring the schedule.  
  • Localtion: 644 Sykesville, MD 20784. (Virtual Meeting)
  • If you are interesed then please call 1.800.731.0687 OR email at OR Contact Us.